Zens Liberty wireless charger overview: the most productive Airpower choice

Zens Liberty wireless charger overview: the most productive Airpower choice

Ever because the sudden cancellation of Apple’s AirPower wireless charger, hundreds firms have attempted to fill the distance within the market by offering their own takes at the failed product. But with the freedom wi-fi charger, Zens has succeeded where Apple failed: it built a a couple of-coil wireless charger that truly can provide on its promise.

the way in which wireless charging should always work

AirPower-taste wi-fi chargers are a dime a dozen this present day: take two Qi charging pads, throw in a USB Apple Watch cable, and also you’ve were given one thing that appears like Apple’s failed charger. but the real innovation of the AirPower charger wasn’t in its skill to rate an iPhone, a couple of AirPods, and an Apple Watch all without delay; it was once Apple’s try to use 21 to 24 charging coils (in place of the standard one or two) to make a charger that wouldn’t require precise placement or alignment of the charging coils.

Our assessment of Zens Liberty Wi-Fi Charger

Verge Ranking 8.5 out of 10

Great Things

No awkward positioning for charging Supports as much as 15W wi-fi charging on gadgets Same Old USB-C plug Unique layout

Bad Stuff

Dear Physically large Buy for $216.94 from Zens Buy for $149.NINETY NINE from Amazon

The glass-and-aluminum Liberty doesn’t look much like Apple’s canceled charger, nevertheless it does precisely what AirPower promised: simply drop your telephone or earbuds anyplace at the pad, and so they’ll charge, way to the SIXTEEN charging coils inside of. There’s no shifting issues round to ensure the coils are lined up, no sliding your telephone up and down, no nervous glances to look if the charging indicator goes on. it works the way wireless charging should always work.

It’s not just the multicoil generation, even though: the freedom also checks nearly another box for what makes an excellent wireless charger. it can price as much as two units on the pad at as much as 15W each and every, that means it’ll fast charge just about any phone at complete speed. There’s additionally an additional USB-A port on the top for plugging in any other software (or, for folks that want the real AirPower enjoy, plugging in Zens’ custom €FORTY FIVE aluminum Apple Watch charger that’s designed to go with the liberty pad).

The Liberty is powered through a typical USB-C port, which means you’ll be able to easily change the cable for an extended or shorter option or change out the brick if anything breaks. (But you’ll desire a 60W USB-C PD brick to supply sufficient power.) And there aren’t any traumatic sparkling LED lighting to assist you to recognise that the charger is plugged in.

The Liberty charger isn’t best. for example, striking your phone all the way in which to the facet may cause it to not rate. But that’s pretty simple to bypass given the massive charging carrier available and the fact that you’ll be able to see where the coils are, no less than on the glass-best fashion I examined. It’s massive: with a footprint of 8.8 x 5.3 inches, it’s just about the size of a trade paperback book, so that you’ll certainly wish to clear a few room for your table. There’s additionally a fan, as one may expect from a charger that attracts this a lot energy, even though it’s quite quiet.

The Liberty prices a hefty premium over nearly another charger

Then there’s the largest drawback with the Zens Liberty: the associated fee. At €149 for the standard style (with a fabric quilt) and €199 for the restricted adaptation glass cover type that i tried, you’re paying a hefty premium even in comparison to different (already dear) twin-instrument wireless chargers like Samsung’s $79.99 Duo Pad, Nomad’s $NINETY NINE Base Station, or Mophie’s $69.95 Dual Wi-Fi Charging Pad. And that’s sooner than paying the extra €45 for the Apple Watch charger — although, in conception, you should save here by simply using an ordinary Apple Watch charger at the fee of the more seamless look.

Fortunately, Zens isn’t the only corporate looking to compete in the AirPower-esque multicoil house. Different contenders — like Nomad’s upcoming Base Station Pro — promise to perform the same “rate anyplace” feat, with strengthen for as much as 3 Qi units, although the existing prototype that we saw at CES used to be nonetheless buggy and unfinished, and there’s no liberate date. Latest rumors indicate that Apple might be taking a shot at a wi-fi charger again, too.

The incontrovertible fact that other companies are working on multicoil chargers manner there’s hope for cheaper possible choices down the line. But for now, Zens is the only sport on the town. Apple by no means announced the fee for its AirPower charger, so it’s onerous to check the Zens Liberty in that regard. however the prime price point is sort of fitting for a product that’s stealing Apple’s thunder.

The Zens Liberty is one in every of — if now not the best — wi-fi chargers I’ve ever used. but if you need the Apple-like AirPower features, you’ll need to be ready to pay Apple-like costs.

Photography by way of Chaim Gartenberg / The Verge

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