Why does the Fall Guy have hidden abs and nipples?

Why does the Fall Guy have hidden abs and nipples?

I hate to bring you this news, but underneath a Fall Guy’s playful, gelatinous exterior, the very being that comprises it is deeply disturbing. It has hidden abs, nipples, a human skull, and long taffy-like optic nerves, among other horrific anatomical anomalies, according to a tweet from the game’s developer.

It gets worse, though. Fall Guys are six feet tall, taller than many human beings. Looking at its general bone structure, it looks like a hybrid between human, dinosaur, and bird. That combination should render a fierce species of advanced intelligence and agility, but… well.

Well, you asked for it…

This is official lore now


• Human shown for scale
• Fall Guys are 183cm (6ft)
• This Fall Guy is happy, look into his eyes
• We can’t take it back

Official Fall Guys Artwork by Senior Concept Artist:https://t.co/OgiS6WXzno pic.twitter.com/eCLJu1DBpP

— Fall Guys (@FallGuysGame) September 23, 2020

I haven’t played Fall Guys, and I deliberately took this one for the team so that my dear colleagues wouldn’t have to spend any more time today thinking about this horrific knowledge that I’m now cursed to have seen. Now, I’m left with bad thoughts, like “wherever it is that each Fall Guy falls to, there’s a gigantic pit filled with these disturbing skeletons.” Look at what this image has done!

Jokes aside, this is hilarious, and I honestly hope that it’s an unlockable costume at some point, like the Peely Bone costume in Fortnite.

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