Where is Lip Lift Surgery performed?

The upper lip lift is intended for people who are not satisfied with the length of the upper lip area. In lip lift surgery, the area between the upper lip and the reddish pinkish area of the lip is targeted.

How is lip lift surgery performed?

During the upper lip lift surgery, excess skin is removed with special planning made on the base of the nose to shorten the vertical length of the upper lip. There is a vague, concealed, and generally not disturbing scar on the base of the nose. In very rare cases, it may be necessary to remove the skin from the lip line, but the possibility of disturbing the scar that will remain here is slightly higher, especially in young patients.


The healing process in lip lift aesthetics varies between 5 and 7 days. Usually, a 72-hour swelling is seen on the upper lip, which can be controlled with cold compresses. Pain is controlled with painkillers given by your doctor. The healing of the incision scars accelerates within a few weeks, and recovery continues for about a year. During this time, the scars become vague.

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