Westworld will get renewed for a fourth season on HBO

Westworld will get renewed for a fourth season on HBO

Westworld has been renewed for a fourth season, HBO introduced nowadays, which means that the now and again infuriatingly sophisticated technology-fiction / Western series will continue to enthrall viewers with its violent delights for an additional season, via Variety.

The third season of the collection was a reinvention of varieties, shifting the action outside of the titular Westworld theme park and out into the “real” global, where the rebellious robots (specifically, Evan Rachel Wood’s Delores) are working to ensure their ascension by way of getting rid of mankind. Despite the brand new spin at the show, scores for the series have plummeted in comparison to the former two seasons, with viewers down 57 percent for the most fulfilling this yr in comparison to season 2.

Nonetheless, Westworld is one in all HBO’s marquee franchises, and clearly the display is common sufficient to justify a fourth season. There’s no phrase but on whilst Westworld season 4 will foremost, but if the previous seasons are any guide, it’ll be a minimum of a 12 months earlier than it airs.

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