Watch the Animaniacs rise from the grave and head to Hulu in official trailer

Animation fans and nostalgia-seekers rejoice: the official trailer for the Animaniacs reboot was released by Hulu earlier today. It’s been 22 years since the original finale, and it looks like Yakko, Wakko, and Dot are embracing their jaunt across time. “We’ve missed so much,” Yakko exclaims as the trio and friends encounter such modern wonders as Instagram, catfishing, and Beyoncé.

Originally announced in 2018, the reboot has been gathering hype this month after a clip was released at New York Comic Con. Animaniacs is now trending on Twitter, where fans are expressing excitement and recalling skits from the original series.

Most days, I’m trying my best to ignore the fact we live in the worst timeline.

But there are oh-so brief moments of joy when we are blessed by the gods.#Animaniacs

— Don’t Be Afraid of the Duck (@pixelkitties) October 21, 2020

With Steven Spielberg (who apparently attended every pitch himself) returning as executive producer and all of the main cast reprising their roles, it seems the series will also be maintaining its characteristic zaniness. This includes humor aimed more at adults than children, often in the form of cultural and political parody. You’ll notice the appearance of a particularly orange-tinted cyclops in the trailer.

Looking toward a whole new collection of sketches and gags, I’m eager to see what might join the halls of cultural memory alongside iconic hits like the “Nations of the World” song. So what are we doing tonight? Same thing we do every night, Pinky: count the days until those 13 new episodes are released on November 20th.

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