Watch nearly 24 minutes of new gameplay from The Ultimate Of Us Section II

Watch nearly 24 minutes of new gameplay from The Ultimate Of Us Section II

Sony and Naughty Dog confirmed off nearly 24 mins of new photos for the highly anticipated The Closing Of Us Phase II in a State of Play video as of late.

The Remaining Of Us Section II seems to share so much of similarities with the first sport — you’ll nonetheless be spending so much of time crawling in the back of quilt to hide from folks or the zombie-like Inflamed. But nowadays’s video showed off some new features, together with swinging on a rope to cross a chasm, riding a ship via a flooded house, and a few enhancements to crafting (together with visible improvements for your guns). The video also showed Ellie swimming — something the character didn’t know how to do (and was actively scared of) in the primary recreation.

Image: Sony

The video also shed a few light at the Remaining Folks Phase II’s story and the place you’ll cross even as playing via it. the game takes place a few years after The Closing Of Us — Ellie is nineteen now — and over the process the sport, you’ll discover a host of latest locales. The video showed off one area, Seattle, the place you’ll must be in your protect in opposition to warring factions as well as to the Infected.

The Infected look as horrifying as ever, and you’ll must be careful for brand new varieties of creatures in the Closing People Part II. One is a gross, pustule-coated creature referred to as a Shambler that expels a spore cloud when it’s close to you that can burn you for those who’re caught in its wake.

As Of Late’s photos follows the discharge of the game’s professional story trailer on Might sixth, which hinted at a dark and difficult journey for Ellie. Joel has appeared in a few prerelease footage, but it’s unclear in case you’ll play as him.

The Remaining Folks Part II will finally be out for the playstation 4 on June 19th, after a lot of delays.


The Remaining Of Us Phase II tale trailer teases a brutal and emotional journey

The Ultimate Folks Phase II will make you query Ellie’s descent into violent darkness

The Last Of Us Section II will now launch on June nineteenth

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