Verizon’s version of the OnePlus EIGHT gained’t work with instances for different fashions of the telephone

OnePlus 8 overview: familiar system

Verizon has its own exclusive model of the OnePlus EIGHT, the “OnePlus 8 5G UW,” designed particularly for its network with further mmWave radio options to improve Verizon’s 5G community (which only operates in the mmWave band). However as came upon by way of Reddit user /u/bud-dho, the changes to the phone to fit the additional radio era mean that the Verizon version has its volume buttons moved less than the unlocked and T-Cell fashions, so same old OnePlus EIGHT cases gained’t are compatible (by means of 9to5Google).

An analysis from PhoneArena of the FCC files for the two versions makes the problem transparent: the Verizon fashion has a couple of additional mmWave modules, considered one of which is right away situated the place the quantity switches are. It most probably gained’t affect all cases — ones with cutouts for the volume buttons can probably just feature higher cutouts, but it would possibly take a while ahead of case makers seize on, and circumstances that completely duvet the buttons received’t paintings.

the issue is that most instances for the OnePlus 8 on web sites like Amazon are designed for the unlocked / T-Cell hardware, no longer Verizon’s specific variation. if you happen to want a case that’ll fit your OnePlus 8 5G UW properly, odds are you’ll need to get it from Verizon instantly, where cases are inclined to be dearer and the selection extra limited.

The moved buttons aren’t the one difference at the Verizon model — it’s also rated for IP68 water resistance (as is the T-Mobile model), an respectable designation that the unlocked model lacks.

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