Verizon Fios adds free Hulu offer for new customers on its more expensive plans

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Verizon Fios already offers new customers a free year of Disney Plus service, and now it’s looking to sweeten the deal further by adding free Hulu subscriptions, too, for its two more expensive plans.

New customers to Verizon’s $59.99-per-month 400Mbps plan will now get six months of free Hulu in addition to the free year of Disney Plus. New Gigabit Fios customers (for $79.99 per month) will get a full year of both Disney Plus and Hulu, along with a free router rental and a free Verizon Stream TV set-top box (which runs Android TV and usually is sold separately for $69.99).

Free Hulu! And free Disney Plus!

The base $39.99-per-month 200Mbps plan is staying the same, with just a free year of Disney Plus.

As always, there are a few caveats. The Hulu service is only for the base, ad-supported version of Hulu, not the pricier ad-free plan, although it’s available to both new and returning customers. The new offers apply for customers who sign up from now through September 23rd, after which point, they’ll have until December 23rd to redeem the free Disney Plus and Hulu service. Lastly, customers will have to remember to cancel their service once the free trial ends. Otherwise, they’ll be automatically charged $5.99 per month (for Hulu) or $6.99 per month (for Disney Plus).

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