Verizon CEO says 5G virus conspiracy theories are nonsense

Verizon CEO says 5G virus conspiracy theories are nonsense

Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg said that conspiracy theories linking the rollout of 5G to the spread of COVID-19 are fake in an interview with CNBC lately.

“There’s no correlation in any respect between 5G and coronavirus,” Vestberg said. “It’s simply fake information.” He mentioned Verizon planned to fight the conspiracy theories with “our communication, and the trade’s communication, and with well being businesses’ verbal exchange.”

“There’s no correlation at all among 5G and coronavirus.”

Vestberg was referring to communications already issued by health companies and data fighting conspiracies approximately wireless devices and well being that can be discovered at, a Verizon spokesperson tells The Verge. That site states that “radiofrequency energy from wireless units and networks, together with radiofrequencies utilized by 5G, has now not been proven to cause illnesses, in line with the international medical neighborhood,” and points to resources and rates from wi-fi communications our bodies and health firms aiding that assertion.

the positioning additionally links to a WHO site that spells out how COVID-19 is unfold through respiratory droplets and that viruses cannot shuttle via radio waves or cellular networks.

In Spite Of no scientific evidence setting up a link between 5G and coronavirus, conspiracy theories connecting the two have spread across social media, leading to 5G towers in the UK being set on fire and those harassing staff laying fiber optic cables. My colleague Tom Warren has put together an explainer about why these conspiracy theories don’t make sense.


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