Vergecast: Amazon announces a new fleet of hardware

Vergecast: Amazon announces a new fleet of hardware

Amazon announced so many gadgets at one event we had to move our Vergecast recording from Thursday to Friday. That’s what the bulk of this week’s show is about.

Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn, and Dan Seifert discuss all the important announcements from Amazon’s fall hardware event this week — a security drone for your home, a spherical Echo, a cloud gaming service, a location-tracking mesh network, new Eero routers, and a whole lot more.

The Vergecast crew examines the new features of these devices, the implications of their use in the smart home, and which products they think people will actually use.

They even made some time to briefly discuss reviews for Apple’s 2020 iPad, iOS 14, and Fitbit’s Sense watch — the episode is longer than Amazon’s event. Listen here or in your preferred podcast player to hear it all.

Stories discussed this week:

CDC removes guidance about airborne spread of the coronavirus Averting a COVID-19 vaccination crisis will take careful communication Ring’s latest security camera is a drone that flies around inside your house Ring announces new line of security cameras for cars Amazon will launch a new location-tracking mesh network system later this year Amazon’s fall hardware event: the 13 biggest announcements Amazon redesigns the Echo with a new spherical design and a custom machine learning processor Amazon’s new Echo show 10 moves to look at you Amazon’s Echo Show smart displays will soon stream Netflix video Amazon’s AZ1 Neural Edge processor will make Alexa voice commands even faster Alexa’s latest upgrades help it listen to multiple people and ask clarifying questions Amazon unveils new Guard Plus subscription for $4.99 per month Amazon announces new cloud gaming service called Luna Amazon’s Luna game streaming service is powered by Windows and Nvidia GPUs Amazon announces $29.99 Fire TV Stick Lite and upgraded Fire TV Stick The latest Eero mesh Wi-Fi routers support Wi-Fi 6 iPad 2020 review iOS 14 and iPadOS review: iPhone revolution, iPad evolution iOS 14 basics: how to add widgets to your iPhone’s home screen Fitbit Sense review: enough bugs to raise your heart rate

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