Verge readers can save $100 on Segway’s Max e-scooter with a long 40-mile range

The Segway Max is probably a good fit for you if you’re looking for an electric scooter that can travel up to 40 miles per charge — far longer than most other models. The Max happens to be cheaper than ever at Wellbots, but just for readers of The Verge. The retailer is offering you a $100 discount, dropping the usual $799 price down to $699. Just enter the offer code THEVERGEMAX after the checkout screen to see the price drop further than we’ve seen before.

We’ve highlighted more affordable Segway options in the past, but those are, frankly, small potatoes compared to this one. In addition to the Max’s longer 40-mile range (beating the likes of the Segway ES2’s 15.5-mile range and ES4’s 28-mile range), it tops out at 18.6mph, which is about three mph faster than the ES2. For context, the ES2 is the scooter that has been used by the likes of Bird and Lime’s rental services.

The Max has big 10-inch tires, fast charging that takes no longer than six hours, and it can be folded up to fit in more spaces when you’re not using it. Segway claims that this model also has self-healing tires that are equipped with a sealant that claims to fill holes automatically. The components of the Max have an IPX5 water resistance rating. In case you’ve been shopping around, you might be aware of the $699 Segway Max G30LP. It has a similar speed and overall feature set to the Max that’s discounted today, but its range is far less at 24.9 miles per charge.

Segway Ninebot KickScooter Max

$699 $799 13% off

Prices taken at time of publishing.

Normally $799, Wellbots is offering a $150 discount on this electric scooter that has a 40-mile range for Verge readers. You can get it for $699 by using the offer code THEVERGEMAX at checkout.

Wellbots $699 (13% off)

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