Uber is making it easier to redeem points in its loyalty program

Uber is loosening some of the rules in its two-year-old rewards program to make it easier for customers to access perks like discounted rides and food delivery, the company announced. Under the new rules, customers can redeem rewards for fewer points and will have longer to use their points than under the previous rules.

The move comes as the ride-hail giant continues to struggle to woo customers back to its ride-hail business after a steep dropoff as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Gross bookings in its ride-hailing division, or the amount of money it takes in before paying drivers, is down 50 percent year over year, according to Uber’s third quarter earnings report. And while its Uber Eats delivery business continues to soar, the company as a whole still lost over $1 billion over the last three months.

Uber Rewards lets ride-hail customers earn perks like cheaper fares, better customer support, and priority pickups at airports. Opting in is free, and riders earn points for every dollar spent on Uber’s various products: one point for Uber Pool and Uber Eats orders; two points for UberX, UberXL, Select, and wheelchair-accessible vehicles; and three points for Uber Black and Black SUV.

Previously, customers were required to accrue 500 points to “unlock” certain rewards

Previously, customers were required to accrue 500 points to “unlock” certain rewards. Now, they will only need 250 points to access those perks. The company is also extending the redemption period from 28 days to six months, giving customers more time to use their points before they expire. Leftover points can be rolled over to new rewards, and there will now be no limit to how many rewards can be redeemed over a six-month period.

Rewards include:

10 percent off your next trip; 250 points 20 percent off Uber Comfort, 750 points Free (up to $30) Uber X trip; 2,000 points Four free trips (up to $30 off each); 8,000 points

Uber Eats rewards include:

Free coffee from Starbucks ($3 value); 250 points 40 percent off a pickup order; 500 points 10 percent off all Uber Eats orders within a week; 700 points Free $25 Uber Eats order; 2,500 points 50 percent off all Uber Eats orders within a month; 8000 points

Uber is also offering rewards affiliated with third-party corporate partners:

Up to four free months of Apple Music; 500 points 30 day free trial of HBO MAX for new subscribers; 1,000 points Free month of Rosetta Stone for one language; 1,250 points

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