Twitter is checking out some way to let you limit replies for your tweets

Twitter is checking out some way to help you limit how many other people can respond to your tweets. in case you’re part of the test, when you compose a tweet, you’ll give you the option to select when you’ll allow replies from everyone, people you follow, or simplest other folks you @ point out. Twitter mentioned in January that this feature could be coming to the platform sometime this yr.

Right Here’s a video from Twitter appearing how the function works:

Testing, checking out…

A new method to have a convo with exactly who you wish to have. We’re beginning with a small % globally, so keep your out to look it in action.

— Twitter (@Twitter) May 20, 2020

should you prohibit replies on a tweet, everyone who can see your tweets will nonetheless find a way to look that tweet, and they’ll have the opportunity to like it and retweet it — they only won’t find a way to respond when you’ve excluded them. Twitter can even label tweets that experience limited answer settings so you can tell up front if you happen to’ll have the option to reply to it or no longer. you can see what that label looks like in this symbol:

Twitter says that “only a limited crew of individuals globally” on Android, iOS, and the web app are part of the check to limit replies.

Limiting who can reply to your tweets could assist save you abuse and harassment on the platform. By holding replies to a restricted set of individuals, in conception, you have to have more considerate and centered conversations with people of your opting for with out the risk of trolls jumping into the conversation.

Twitter has carried out a number of new options in contemporary months in an effort to enhance conversations at the platform, together with letting you hide replies and checking out a new interface for threaded conversations.


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