TikTok TV app now available on Samsung smart TVs in the UK

TikTok is launching an app on Samsung smart TVs in Europe, allowing users to scroll through their For You feeds and see other TikTok videos, the companies announced Monday. The TikTok TV app is available in Samsung’s app store and is compatible with 2018 and newer models. It will come preinstalled on all new Samsung TVs. The app will roll out to users in the UK first.

Image: TikTok / Samsung

The app displays videos from a user’s feed in a strip across the top, with videos in different categories to check out. According to the news release from Samsung, users can like, view, and comment on trending videos and block or mark content they’re not interested in.

TikTok videos will continue to be displayed with a vertical aspect on TVs, the company confirmed.

Image: TikTok / Samsung

The Samsung app is different than the More on TikTok app the company launched on Amazon Fire TVs in August. The Fire TV app includes interviews with creators and a “This is TikTok” category to spotlight creators on the platform.

The Fire app is essentially a container app of curated content, TikTok says, while the Samsung app is closer to what users see in the mobile app. Neither requires a TikTok account to view content, but users who log in to the Samsung TikTok app will receive more personalized content.

According to mobile analytics firm App Annie, when combining info from iOS and Android, TikTok was the most-downloaded app of 2020.

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