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AT&T is giving tens of tens of millions of eligible consumers who are already the use of its more than a few internet, cellular, and video plans unfastened variations of HBO Max when it launches on May 27th. In such a lot instances, that suggests being a customer on one in every of AT&T’s more dear service levels. that incorporates customers who’re enrolled in AT&T Unlimited Elite’s wi-fi plan, AT&T Internet 1000’s web plan, and AT&T TV Now Max, DirecTV Optimum, AT&T U-Verse U400, and U450’s video packages. It’s a

In our collective scramble to turn three-foot stacks of pizza boxes, heaps of children’s toys, and last week’s laundry into credible office space, a handful of companies have gained a great many users in a short amount of time. Zoom Video usage has surged over the past two weeks, driving the company’s stock price up, but that same popularity has encouraged a good deal more scrutiny of the firm’s various privacy and security practices. Zoom isn’t coming off very well in these comparisons, and the bad news just keeps piling

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