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Microsoft is revealing extra specs about its next-generation Xbox Series X hardware lately. the biggest new affirmation is that the Xbox Collection X will come with 12 teraflops of GPU efficiency, that’s twice what’s available within the Xbox One X and eight occasions the unique Xbox One. this sort of efficiency places the Xbox Series X beyond such a lot mid-vary graphics playing cards from AMD and Nvidia, and it’s an excellent bounce for a recreation console. It without a doubt displays that the next-gen Xbox and PS5 are going

Here at ExtremeTech, we’ve often discussed the difference between different types of NAND structures — vertical NAND versus planar, or multi-level cell (MLC) versus triple-level cells (TLC) and quad-level cells (QLC). Now, let’s talk about the more basic relevant question: How do SSDs work in the first place, and how do they compare with newer technologies, like Intel’s non-volatile storage technology, Optane? To understand how and why SSDs are different from spinning discs, we need to talk a little bit about hard drives. A hard drive stores data on a series of spinning

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