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When former White House adviser-turned-podcaster Steve Bannon called for the beheading of Dr. Anthony Fauci and FBI director Christopher Wray, the tech platforms reacted. Twitter, YouTube, and Spotify all banned him and his podcast relatively quickly, cutting off access to their millions of users. Apple Podcasts, however, took a different stance. The most popular podcast app let his show stay live in its directory so that, months later, when Bannon encouraged his listeners to converge on the Capitol to protest election results, people still had an easy way to access

Ready to re-up your Netflix subscription for another year? What about Spotify or Apple Music? Black Friday and Cyber Monday can be the perfect opportunity to lock in your streaming services for less money than they’d usually cost. Whether you’re after music, live TV streaming, or something more niche, there are a host of offers and limited-time deals to choose between. Once you’re done scoping out the streaming offers, check out our big roundup of the best Black Friday deals you can get right now. Get Hulu for $1.99 per

Several of Apple’s biggest critics — including Epic Games, Spotify, Basecamp, Match Group, Tile, Blix, and Deezer — have banded together to create the Coalition for App Fairness, a new group aiming to “create a level playing field for app businesses and give people freedom of choice on their devices.” While most of the founding members have individually fought or are fighting with Apple over its App Store policies, the Coalition for App Fairness marks a more coordinated effort for developers to formally protest Apple’s rules. The goal is to

A number of popular apps and services including TikTok, Spotify, Pinterest, and Tinder are currently broken on iOS devices, with early reports suggesting Facebook is to blame. There are widespread reports on social media of apps crashing whenever they’re launched on iPhones and iPads, and corresponding outage spikes on The apps can be launched if the device is offline, which is useful in some cases (if you have lots of music saved on Spotify, for example) but will completely break their functionality in others. Although the exact cause of

Numerous iOS apps are having issues launching right now, in line with more than one reviews on Twitter and crowdsourced consumer reports on Downdetector. the issues seem to have started around 6:30PM ET, and Spotify, TikTok, Pinterest, Tinder, and more seem to be affected, according to Downdetector. the issue is because of an obvious problem with a Facebook tool building package (SDK) device that’s used to energy signal-in features for many of the apps, as many developers have reported problems with the SDK on this thread on GitHub. It also

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