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Best Buy was one of the first retailers to launch Black Friday deals — all the way back in mid-October to go up against Amazon Prime Day. Now that Black Friday is actually here, Best Buy is back with a bunch of great sales that you can take advantage of. Best Buy stores around the US will be closed all of Thanksgiving, but if you want to shop in-person, most will re-open at 5AM local time on Black Friday. Alternatively, just stay home and do your shopping online. Below, you’ll

Sponsored Links Porsche It’s not just multi-manufacturer racing leagues like NASCAR going digital during the COVID-19 pandemic. Porsche is livestreaming its Mobil 1 Supercup Virtual Edition starting on April 4th at 10AM Eastern, when drivers take to a digital version of the Spanish Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya for two races in 911 GT3 Cup cars. The iRacing-based series will have 31 drivers, 22 of which are full-time Supercup racers — the nine others are factory and young professional drivers fielded by big-name sponsors like TAG Heuer and Vodafone. Most of the

Sponsored Links Blackmagic Design If you’re devoted enough to livestreaming that you want the kind of features you’d expect from a TV studio, Blackmagic might have your back. It’s releasing the ATEM Mini Pro, an enhanced version of the ATEM Mini switcher that’s focused on the most elaborate streaming setups. There’s now a hardware streaming engine that lets the Pro stream directly to Twitch, Facebook and YouTube through an Ethernet connection, with no special software required. You can also save recordings for posterity to USB flash drives, and multiview on

Speeding up a slow PC can be a challenge, particularly when dealing with older hardware that may be on the cusp of needing an upgrade or replacement anyway. Sometimes, a system simply needs a fresh OS install or driver update to perform significantly better. In other cases, upgrade or wholesale replacement are necessary. This article is designed to help you troubleshoot a slow machine. Specifically, it walks through the process of determining whether your problem is more likely to be caused by software, hardware, or simply the age of the

Evidently someone designated the first week of April as “laptop week” and forgot to notify us. AMD and Intel both made significant moves in mobile this week, as did Nvidia. Team Green is announcing a new feature to match AMD’s SmartShift, which allows an AMD CPU and GPU to share a single power budget, with one component lowering its own power consumption to allow the other to use more power under load. Nvidia calls this feature Dynamic Boost, and it’s designed to work with either AMD or Intel CPUs. It

Lego has an Ideas website, where users can submit ideas for products that Lego will consider turning into actual collectible sets. The idea of the website is simple: Anyone can upload a Lego design, which is then voted on by the community. If a project receives a certain number of votes, the length of time it has to meet the next interest tier is extended. If it reaches 10,000 votes, Lego may officially consider the set for production. Now, someone has proposed a GPU based on a design some of

It’s been a few years since Microsoft introduced DirectX 12, and there’s a new set of console introductions coming this fall, so the time is ripe for the unveiling of a new DirectX version. Microsoft has just launched DirectX 12 Ultimate, an extension and unification of various DX12 features that should serve as a common capability reference for new products and consoles. GPUs labeled as supporting DirectX 12 Ultimate will offer the following capabilities: DirectX RaytracingVariable Rate ShadingMesh ShadersSampler Feedback GPUs that can’t provide all of these capabilities will continue

According to the opinion of pretty much every reviewer who has played it, Half-Life: Alyx is one of the all-time best VR game ever made. The question of whether you should buy it is a little more complicated, seeing as it partly depends on which VR hardware you own, if any, and the intrinsic issue of whether or not it’s worth spending a lot of money to buy a headset or upgrade your PC just so you can play one game. Nobody is really leaping out to declare that you

Sony is in a tricky position with the PlayStation 5. While it heads into the next console generation as the unquestioned winner of the current cycle, it looks as though the PS5 will be markedly less powerful than the Xbox Series X. When Sony unveiled the PS5 last week, Mark Cerny told viewers that the PS5 wouldn’t be at a disadvantage against the XSX because a higher-clocked smaller GPU like the PS5’s could still outperform the wider, slower GPU on the Xbox Series X: About the only downside is that

Sony’s Mark Cerny, lead system architect of the PlayStation 5, has shared more details on the new console and some aspects of its subsystem behavior. Some of the new details confirm our speculation from March, while others shed light on previously unexplored aspects of the platform. Eurogamer has a new comprehensive writeup of the details. There are three main topics we’ll discuss today: Details on how the PS5’s boost mode works, a bit of information on the SSD that confirms our previous speculation, and a lot of information on the

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