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As dialogue of the Spectre and Meltdown flaws continues to dominate the tech information cycle, there has been repeated connection with a specific function of prime-finish CPUs: speculative execution. It’s a key capability of upper-end ARM merchandise, Apple’s custom ARM cores, IBM’s ENERGY circle of relatives, and the overwhelming majority of the x86 processors produced by means of Intel and AMD. Right Here’s what speculative execution is and how it relates to different key functions of contemporary microprocessors, and the way the recent Meltdown computer virus goals Intel CPUs in particular. What

A few months ago, we covered how Mathwork’s Matlab software didn’t run workloads on AMD CPUs at full speed. These products use the Intel Math Kernel Library, which will only run fully optimized code on Intel CPUs. AMD CPUs were shunted into using a different and much slower code path. Despite widespread speculation from the community that MathWorks might either be unable or unwilling to patch the issue, the company has surprised us all and fixed it. According to NedFlanders1976 (the same individual who made the original Reddit report), MathWorks

Intel has launched a new suite of 10th Generation mobile CPUs in the Comet Lake family. Like other recent product launches, these chips are also based on 14nm (Ice Lake notwithstanding), but Intel has pulled out the frequency stops for this lineup of parts. The previous 9th Gen Core i7 CPUs top out at 6 cores and 4.6GHz Turbo, while the 9th Gen Mobile Core i9 family ran up to eight cores and 5GHz. With 10th Gen, Intel is pushing the envelope further, with several chips landing at 5GHz or

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