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Tesla’s Autopilot self-driving feature is about to stop for red lights, a most useful feature if you’re going to be full-self-driving in urban areas. It also will sense green lights but only proceed through them if the driver keeps pressure on the gas pedal – sorry, throttle pedal – after being sure there’s no other hazard such as an oncoming car turning left. News of this apparent new feature, cited in a future Tesla owner’s manual, is leaking out. The feature combines GPS that tells the car when it’s near

Now there’s another survey showing how using a smartphone appears to dramatically slow a driver’s reaction time and increase the chances of having an accident. Once again, drunk drivers and cannabis users fare better than sober test drivers using a phone hands-free, texting, using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto voice controls, or – worst of all – using the phones for touch-screen tasks. This survey, done in the UK for IAM RoadSmart, found that slower reaction times when using smartphones or touch-screen applications on highways increased stopping distances by four

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