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Such A Lot each top class garage door logo nowadays has a Wi-Fi faraway that permits you to test the status of your garage door from your smartphone and open or shut the door remotely. More And More, Wi-Fi remotes tie into home keep an eye on products and services including Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant and permit you to screen who is available in and whilst. all of them beat the antique clip-on open-close remotes that connect for your automotive’s sun visor. Some do more than others. After researching

Another auto show bites the dust, temporarily. The New York International Auto Show (NYIAS) has been postponed from April to late August, hardly prime time for a car show, on account of concerns about the novel coronavirus outbreak. That makes three major auto shows called off recently: in China, the mid-February Beijing International Automotive Exhibition (Auto China 2020) was postponed from its April 21 opening date with no makeup date announced. The Geneva International Motor Show (GIMS) with public days March 5-15 was canceled in late February, the week before

Here’s a major step forward in helping car buyers understand the meaning of car technology buzzwords, especially the terms for advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS). This is a list of 19 terms primarily for single safety features that have described in as many as 40 different ways by various automakers. An industry-affiliated consortium has agreed on terms for 19 ADAS terms such as adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, and automatic emergency braking. Most terms are for single pieces of technology. Nothing stops an automaker from employing a unique, company-specific umbrella

Propping up your $900 stock price and cranking out the new Tesla Model Y is not “essential business.” And so the Alameda County Sheriff told Tesla Tuesday to cease operations at its massive Fremont, California, plant outside San Francisco. This a day after Bay Area counties told employers to shut down non-essential businesses and have employees shelter at home for three weeks in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. Tesla’s largest factory is in Fremont. It had just begun producing, and shipping, the first Model Y compact SUVs in a

Hyundai upped its game, again, with the global reveal of the seventh-generation Elantra sedan. The car is truly impressive, but the West Hollywood set for the rollout, called The Lot, was essentially deserted: no journalists, no analysts, no photographers, and no caterers – just Hyundai people, dancers, and videographers for the live-streamed announcement Tuesday night. Since early March, there have been no major auto shows, and as of this week, no more on-location media/analyst introductions of new cars. They’ve all been called off or shifted from in-person to virtual because

For most Americans, a minivan is the best people-hauler for the demographic called parents-with-kids-and-all-their-crap. And the 2020 Chrysler Pacifica minivan serves the demographic better than virtually every other sports utility vehicle or minivan. You can have a Pacifica sort-of-inexpensive or trimmed in leather, with or without hiding stowable second-and-third-row seats, or as a plug-in hybrid, all with third-row seats usable by adults. Come 2021, you’ll again be able to get the Pacifica with all-wheel-drive. The Pacifica handles relatively well. The plug-in hybrid goes 32 miles on battery power and has

The Trump administration Tuesday markedly scaled back Obama-era fuel economy improvements through 2026. It ordered a modest 1.5 percent per year increase in fuel economy through 2026 versus the 5 percent per year increase set by under the Obama administration. That means the US vehicle fleet would average 40.4 mpg in 2026 rather than 46.7 mpg, although government mpg numbers typically include calculations that mean vehicles actually average less. The factions are at war over whether the savings netted from building simpler cars is offset by higher fuel costs. Clean-air,

The hits keep on coming for Kia. This time it’s the 2021 Kia Seltos, a rugged little SUV with a handsome exterior, good passenger and cargo space, and very good handling for a subcompact vehicle that slots between the Kia Soul and Kia Sportage. With the turbo engine on upper models, it’s right quick. It’s important to pick the right trim line because Kia goes light on driver assists on the entry Seltos. You’ll probably want middle trim levels, Seltos S Turbo or EX. Option the car right and you

Tesla’s Autopilot self-driving feature is about to stop for red lights, a most useful feature if you’re going to be full-self-driving in urban areas. It also will sense green lights but only proceed through them if the driver keeps pressure on the gas pedal – sorry, throttle pedal – after being sure there’s no other hazard such as an oncoming car turning left. News of this apparent new feature, cited in a future Tesla owner’s manual, is leaking out. The feature combines GPS that tells the car when it’s near

Now there’s another survey showing how using a smartphone appears to dramatically slow a driver’s reaction time and increase the chances of having an accident. Once again, drunk drivers and cannabis users fare better than sober test drivers using a phone hands-free, texting, using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto voice controls, or – worst of all – using the phones for touch-screen tasks. This survey, done in the UK for IAM RoadSmart, found that slower reaction times when using smartphones or touch-screen applications on highways increased stopping distances by four

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