Samsung aired a Galaxy Z Turn commercial earlier than it even introduced the telephone

Samsung aired a Galaxy Z Turn commercial earlier than it even introduced the telephone

It’s not only leaks that allow us realize what big tech companies plan to announce at their keynotes, more and more it’s the companies themselves. On Account That this yr’s Academy Awards fall prior to Samsung’s February 11th Unpacked keynote, the company made up our minds to head for a huge tease of the Galaxy Z Turn — it principally confirmed off the whole phone.

we are expecting Samsung to announce new Galaxy S20 telephones (3 of them) and the Galaxy Z Turn, a folding telephone rumored to have a glass display. The advert confirmed the telephone sitting on a desk at a NINETY-degree perspective on its personal, the easier to do video chatting. It additionally gave us our first, best possible look at it folded up and it doesn’t appear to fold completely flat. The Motorola Razr, which was simply launched however has already been plagued with reports of creaky hinges, does fold utterly flat.

within the small print for the advert, there’s reproduction that says “you may understand a small crease in the center of the primary monitor, which is a natural feature of the display.” so that answers that query. As with the Fold, the Z Flip may have a crease. The ad also displays two other colors: crimson and black.

Samsung just showed off all the Z Flip all through its Oscars ad. small print says reveal crease is commonplace, heh

— nilay patel (@reckless) February 10, 2020

We additionally got our first have a look at the skin monitor, that is very tiny however however full color. The advert displays the screen can do caller IDENTIFICATION and also has sliders for accepting or rejecting a choice.

Samsung has all the time gone big with commercials on the Academy Awards. Its previous Oscars advertisements have ranged from product placement celebrity selfies to sophisticated apologies for its exploding Word phones. As for the fashion of companies teasing their very own products, after Google went massive with it in 2019, Samsung took a extra traditional method this 12 months (up until this advert, at least). Leaks, on the other hand, nonetheless approximately: Samsung itself leaked the Galaxy S20 last week.

We’ll be live at Samsung’s event on February 11th to search out out if there’s anything else that hasn’t already been leaked, photographed, rumored, or teased by Samsung itself. It’s nonetheless imaginable there’ll be.

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