Raise your hand if a gaming PC is currently heating your home

A few weeks ago, our furnace (technically a ductless heat pump) stopped working at the worst possible time of the year. But at least one room stays nice and toasty all winter long — thanks to my gaming PC.

Now, The Wall Street Journal is reporting this might actually be a trend: some bitcoin miners and gamers are warming their rooms, growing tomatoes, and even heating a chicken coop during the pandemic.

It made me wonder: how many Verge readers are doing the same?


Are you (intentionally) heating your home with gaming hardware?

No Yes, with my gaming PC Yes, with my mining rig Yes, with something else (share in the comments!) vote view results 63%


(489 votes) 29%

Yes, with my gaming PC

(223 votes) 3%

Yes, with my mining rig

(26 votes) 3%

Yes, with something else (share in the comments!)

(30 votes) 768 votes total Vote Now

Me, I keep my PC running all night long, folding proteins to help study COVID-19, which I highly recommend. (I just crossed 175 million points this week.) But I have to admit the room hasn’t been as warm since I swapped my own GeForce GTX 1080 back in. The impossible-to-find AMD Radeon RX 6800 definitely put out more heat, and we actually had to crack a window when I had an Nvidia RTX 3080 folding those proteins. I can’t speak for every model, but the Founder’s Edition runs hot.

Here’s hoping Mitsubishi delivers a new control board for my heat pump soon.

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