Postmates launches curbside pickup to help restaurants scale back in-individual touch

Postmates launches curbside pickup to help restaurants scale back in-individual touch

Postmates is launching new function for its on-call for delivery platform known as curbside pickup, which the corporate says is an trade first that would lend a hand more eating places accurately perform takeout businesses through the COVID-19 pandemic.

the choice will sign up for pickup, delivery, and non-touch delivery options, and it is going to find a way to be had for both shoppers looking to pick out up straight away from a restaurant and for the restaurants as a decision for the way it needs its customers and delivery drivers to just accept orders. Postmates first introduced non-contact deliveries in March in response to nationwide safe haven-in-place and business shutdown policies that went into impact in California, The Big Apple, and other towns.

Eating Places can choose to care for all takeout using curbside pickup

Curbside pickup shall be opt-in for eating places, Postmates says. that means the option will best be to be had to customers if the restaurant has allowed it, a Postmates spokesperson showed to The Verge. If a restaurant comes to a decision it wants to handle all orders curbside, it may possibly do so, and each consumers and delivery drivers can wait in their vehicles or outdoor strolling for a cafe employee to hand off the order. Postmates says any trade with access to the Postmates dashboard, that’s to be had as soon as a restaurant indicators up with the platform, can enable curbside pickup beginning as of late.

“to make use of this feature, customers make a choice their preferred method of how they want to get the object — Curbside, Pickup or supply. the customer could have the power to ‘Check In’ in real time once they get to the merchant to notify them to return out of doors,” reads a Postmates weblog submit at the new function. “The fleet app will also reinforce curbside pickup, so Postmates might be in a position to permit the merchant recognise that they’re there to pick up the object.”

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