Here at ExtremeTech, we’ve often discussed the difference between different types of NAND structures — vertical NAND versus planar, or multi-level cell (MLC) versus triple-level cells (TLC) and quad-level cells (QLC). Now, let’s talk about the more basic relevant question: How do SSDs work in the first place, and how do they compare with newer technologies, like Intel’s non-volatile storage technology, Optane? To understand how and why SSDs are different from spinning discs, we need to talk a little bit about hard drives. A hard drive stores data on a series of spinning

Unless your company already has a work-from-home policy, response to the spread of COVID-19 may be the first time you’ve given it a try. Here at ExtremeTech, we’re a completely virtual operation, so all of us work from our homes and have for several years. We still have access to corporate resources, but visits to HQ are rare. There are plenty of generic guides to working from home, but most of them don’t provide much advice in dealing with the technical aspects. So we put our heads together, virtually, and

The 2016 reboot of Doom did better than most reboots, garnering almost universal praise from reviewers and players alike. The sequel, Doom Eternal, is hitting consoles and PC later this month with more character upgrades, new multiplayer modes, and improved graphics. If your gaming rig is getting long in the tooth, you can build an entirely new system suitable for 1080p gaming in Doom Eternal for surprisingly little money.  We’ve gone over the minimum requirements for Doom Eternal and selected parts based on many years of combined system building experience.

If you spend any amount of time at your computer working or playing games, you may very well be missing out on one upgrade that can improve your computing experience: namely, using a mechanical keyboard. I make no secret of my obsession with mechanical keyboards as both a hobby and a tool of my profession. Naturally, I spend a lot of money on them. You don’t need to, though. Mechanical keyboards have never been cheaper or better, and it’s an upgrade you’ll benefit from greatly. But…which board should you get?

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