Beats today announced four new colors of its Powerbeats Pro true wireless earbuds. The new hues are much brighter and more vibrant than the original lineup and include yellow, pink, red, and blue. They’ll be available from Apple’s website, stores, and other retailers on June 9th for the standard $249.95 price point. In lieu of a press release, Beats “announced” the new colors in collaboration with gaming organization FaZe Clan. View this post on Instagram @beatsbydre dropped off a crazy care package for our FaZe 10 year anniversary #FaZeUp A

As President Donald Trump rages against Twitter for moderating his tweets, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is calling for a federal investigation into the company on unrelated grounds. The senator has sent a letter to the Justice Department calling for Twitter to be investigated for violating ongoing sanctions against the nation of Iran, as first reported by Axios. As Cruz describes it in the letter, Twitter’s refusal to ban Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei constitutes a violation of US sanctions, placed on the leaders as individuals in June 2019. Cruz raised

Microsoft has released a new Xbox One update that brings a number of changes to the Guide menu, which gives you quick access to things like your friends list, messaging, and achievements. The biggest change is that you can now reorder your Guide tabs, which should make it easier to customize your Guide in a way that’s best for you. Microsoft first previewed the new Guide in April. The updated Guide has a new default left-to-right order and fewer tabs that consolidate some features. The new “Parties & Chats” tab

Former Vice President Joe Biden still wants to repeal the pivotal internet law that provides social media companies like Facebook and Twitter with broad legal immunity over content posted by their users, a campaign spokesperson told The Verge Friday. Still, the campaign emphasized key disagreements with the executive order signed by the president earlier this week. Earlier this year, Biden told The New York Times that Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act should be “revoked, immediately.” In recent days, President Donald Trump has reinvigorated a controversial debate over amending

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