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Pac-man is a classic game that was released in 1980 and soon became popular. The goal in this game is to collect all the small disks by escaping from ghosts and monsters. So, what are the features of ghosts in the Pac-man game?

It is a game made by Pac-Man Namco. It was released in 1980 and soon became a popular game. Play pacman game the player tries to finish the yellow discs by moving through a maze. The player, whose goal is to escape from ghosts and monsters and collect all the small discs, moves to the next stage when he collects all the discs. Collecting fruits that appear on the maze gives the player extra points. When they take the big yellow discs, the monsters and ghosts turn blue and become edible for a while. Games Atari 2600 cartridges has been marketed under the name fatso in Turkey. Although the game was released in Japan as Puck-Man; The game was released in America as Pac-Man because some vandals swear by replacing the letter “P” with “F”. Google made a gesture on May 21, 2010, playing Pac-Man in its logo.


Pacman game has multiple ghosts: Red, pink, blue, orange. Red ghost Blinky, constantly. He chases Pac-Man. The pink ghost Pinky and the blue ghost Inky position themselves at a distance of 32 pixels from the Pac-Man. The orange ghost Clyde is completely free to navigate within the game screen.

The story of Pac-Man’s inspiration from Pizza is partially true!

One of the greatest creation myths of the game design came up with Iwatani’s unique design of the drafts he inspired with a missing slice while eating pizza. This story was also confirmed by Iwatani, who posed with a half-eaten pizza for the promotional photo when Pac-Man’s popularity was at its highest. However, in an interview in 1986, Iwatani admitted that the legend was only “partly real”.

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