Nomad’s new leather MacBook Pro sleeves are luxurious but pricey

Accessory company Nomad is expanding its case lineup once again with its first MacBook Pro sleeves, available today. The cases might be the nicest that Nomad has made so far, but with a starting price of $229.95 (for the 13-inch model) and $249.95 (for 16-inch MacBook Pros), they’re also the most expensive.

The MacBook Pro cases are made out of the same brown Horween leather that Nomad uses for most of its products. But instead of the plastic shell the company uses on its iPhone cases (which I’m less of a fan of), the new cases are just solid expanses of leather on the outside, backed by EVA foam to keep your computer safe, with a final layer of microfiber cloth for the interior.

The USB-C charging cutout on the side of the Nomad MacBook Sleeve.

I’ve been able to use one of the cases for the past few days, and I’ve been pretty impressed by the quality. The leather looks and feels great, and Nomad has been pretty thoughtful about some of the details, like the hidden magnetic snaps that keep the case shut or the small cutout on the side that allows for accessing the USB-C ports for charging or docking your laptop while it’s still in the case.

Sliding a MacBook in or out of the case is easy, and the case itself feels solid enough, although there are likely more durable options, if protection is the number one priority — especially given the cost. Additionally, as an owner of a MacBook Pro with just two USB-C ports, I did have to think about which direction I was placing my laptop inside the case to line up the ports with the charging cutout. And while that cutout is useful, I did have some concerns that it would provide a good avenue for dust or debris to make its way inside the case over time.

Given the current state of the world, I haven’t been able to extensively test how the leather holds up in the stress of a daily commute, but the company does promise that the exterior should develop a nice patina over time, similar to its other cases.

The leather laptop cases are designed specifically to fit Apple’s 13-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros (from the 2016-era design), although you’ll likely be able to fit other similarly sized laptops, too. Just be aware that it might be a bit tighter or looser than you prefer.

The cases are available now on Nomad’s website.

Photography by Chaim Gartenberg / The Verge

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