NASA’s 360-degree Mars landing broadcast is now live from the best seat in the house

NASA is landing a rover on Mars today, February 18th, but if you’re looking for a different perspective than the traditional live stream, the space agency is currently streaming the scene from inside mission control — in an immersive 360 degrees. You can look around to watch people as they go about their work, but there are also big virtual screens displaying multiple other views, including NASA’s other live stream. It might be the best way to experience the landing because you’ll get it all simultaneously.

At the time of writing, the stream is broadcasting interviews with key mission staff, explaining the purpose of today’s landing, as well as some of the technical jargon that’ll start getting thrown around once Perseverance begins its descent.

Mars Landing LIVE in 360º

It’s landing day in the #CountdownToMars and it’s as if you’re right here with us. Get a view from inside our Mission Control as @NASAPersevere’s team works through the toughest Mars landing yet.

Best via the @YouTube app:

— NASA JPL (@NASAJPL) February 18, 2021

NASA has offered a 360-degree stream inside Mission Control for other missions before, including its 2018 InSight Mars landing. But it’s still a really neat experience to see inside the control room, especially during such a historic mission.

If you want to see something akin to what a rover can see on the planet itself, NASA also has previously produced 360-degree views from the surface of Mars. And if you’d rather watch mission control from a more produced, less “choose your own” perspective, NASA has a “clean” live stream as well.


Everything you need to know about today’s Mars landing

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