Move read this research of the brand new iPhone SE’s AI-powered depth digital camera device

Move read this research of the brand new iPhone SE’s AI-powered depth digital camera device

Unlike such a lot phones launched at the moment, Apple’s new iPhone SE has only one 12-megapixel rear digicam lens. however it seems that one digital camera continues to be pretty just right, a minimum of in smartly-lit situations, my colleague Dieter Bohn present in his iPhone SE evaluation.

For portrait photos, the iPhone SE’s digicam makes use of gadget learning to estimate depth of field, and Ben Sandofsky, one of the developers of cell images app Halide, took a more in-depth take a look at how at how portrait pictures taken via the SE’s unmarried camera in fact paintings.

the important thing characteristic of the iPhone SE’s portrait mode is that can do one thing called “monocular depth estimation,” that is enabled by way of the iPhone SE’s A13 Bionic processor (the same processor within the iPhone 11 and ELEVEN Professional). That processor and the depth estimation allows the phone seize intensity maps for photos in a different way than, say, the iPhone XR, which also has a unmarried lens. Sandofsky discovered that the SE may even estimate intensity for flat pictures.

in one example, Sandofsky took an image of this photo with an iPhone XR and an iPhone SE:

Symbol: Halide

In This image slider, you’ll see how the two phones envisioned intensity. The iPhone XR’s intensity map is at the left, and the iPhone SE’s is on the right.

1_PJ4XZXPWFr0buBg3Ibu0sw.png 1_8i_brDx8uUOI_1QZfw_c0w.png iPhone XR intensity map (left) vs iPhone SE 2020 (right)

The iPhone SE’s depth map isn’t a super illustration of the true depth of the scene through any method, but pretty darn cool that the SE can estimate the real depth of a flat picture completely the usage of machine studying.

I extremely counsel taking a few mins to read Sandofsky’s blog in full. He goes into a lot extra detail approximately how the SE’s digicam captures intensity, and has a bunch extra examples of its depth mapping in motion — including one example where it reveals depth in a 50-yr vintage slide film of his grandmother!

And take a look at Dieter’s review when you need to see more of his thoughts in regards to the SE’s digital camera.


Apple iPhone SE evaluate: the whole lot you wish to have

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