Motorola guarantees that the brink Plus gets enhancements through Android 12

Motorola returns to flagship phones with the edge Plus

Scorching on the heels of updating the foldable Razr to Android 10, Motorola has announced that the soon-to-be-released Facet Plus will also get at least two future Android OS updates, making sure that the new flagship will run each the pending Android ELEVEN and subsequent 12 months’s Android 12 (assuming Google sticks with its naming scheme).

The Motorola Edge Plus is about to ship with Android 10 while it releases on Would Possibly 14th. At The Same Time As the promise of 2 instrument updates isn’t exactly a generous one — Google provides no less than three years of updates for its Pixel telephones, to mention nothing of Apple’s improve for its telephones — within the world of Android the place any OS updates can be laborious to come by way of, it’s better than nothing.


Motorola’s Part Plus is a contender, now not a champion

And given that Motorola is selling the brink Plus as a top-tier Android flagship, entire with the $999 price tag to match, a formal promise of this level of enhance is good to peer.

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