Microsoft’s best commercial features dogs frolicking in Halo, Minecraft, and Flight Simulator

Microsoft has had some memorable holiday commercials over the years, but this year’s is the best yet because it features dogs. They aren’t just regular dogs, either. These pups dream of running around in a virtual Minecraft world, playing fetch with grenades for Master Chief in Halo, and even flying high in the Microsoft Flight Simulator skies.

“A Dog’s Dream” features two dogs who are bored at home as their owners are distracted playing Halo, busy on Microsoft Teams work calls, or crafting materials in Minecraft. One starts to dream about the possibilities if more dogs were part of video games or conference calls, and the rest is history. Just check out Master Chief’s reaction when one of the dogs fetches a grenade he just threw and returns it.

Master Chief’s reaction is priceless. Image: Microsoft

Microsoft creates holiday commercials every year, but none have been as fun-filled as this one. Back in 2015, Microsoft hugged it out with Apple Store employees for some festive spirit, and then in 2017, it tried to make 3D Paint a thing with adorable monsters. This year, it’s all about dogs frolicking in video games.

Now we just need more dogs in Halo, Minecraft, and Flight Simulator for real to keep @CanYouPetTheDog happy.

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