Microsoft to unify Home Windows computer and UWP apps with new Undertaking Reunion

Microsoft delays finish of improve for older variations of Windows 10 due to coronavirus

Microsoft has been running to bring win32 pc apps and its Common Windows Platform (UWP) apps closer together in up to date years. That work has an professional title now: Undertaking Reunion. It’s the newest twist in Microsoft’s promise of common apps that run throughout more than one Home Windows 10 gadgets, and Microsoft is now relating to conventional desktop apps and UWP ones as simply “Home Windows apps.”

“the theory at the back of Challenge Reunion is that it lets in builders to construct one Home Windows application and objective all 1 billion Windows units,” explains Rajesh Jha, government vp of Microsoft’s Experiences and Gadgets Team. “We’re bringing in combination the combined power of win32 and UWP so builders no longer must choose because we’re unifying these present APIs and in some way decoupling them from the OS.”

Microsoft is combining current win32 and UWP APIs to make it more uncomplicated for builders to build a Windows app. Current apps can be updated and modernized, and APIs are being decoupled from Windows. “As we decouple existing APIs and add new APIs, we’re additionally doing the work to polyfill as needed so the APIs work down-degree throughout supported versions of Windows,” says Kevin Gallo, the director of Windows developer platform at Microsoft.


In simple terms, this means developers can now build a Windows app that takes advantage of the newest Windows 10 options without having to worry approximately older variations of the OS. Before, builders would normally wait until Home Windows 10 users were on the latest model of the OS prior to they up to date their apps for new options. Now, they can pull that new API from NuGet, an open-supply bundle supervisor, and compile it as a part of their apps and never have to worry about antique versions of Windows 10.

a large part of Undertaking Reunion is WinUI THREE, a UI framework that allows apps to have a modern UI that can scale across devices. Microsoft is also introducing a WebView2 preview lately, for you to permit developers to embed a Chromium-based totally WebView in their apps. WebView 2 shall be utterly decoupled from Home Windows, so developers can allow complete web functionality without being locked right into a explicit version of Windows 10.

Microsoft additionally has broader ambitions for Undertaking Reunion apps that transcend just Windows. Modernized apps will run well on physical Windows machines, but they can even be optimized to be streamed from the cloud via Windows Virtual Computer or far off app answers.

“You’re now operating Windows not just on Home Windows, but iOS, Android, Mac, and Linux from the cloud,” explains Jha. “Our desire with Undertaking Reunion is that we will work with this incredible community of ours on Home Windows to additional accelerate innovation and new studies on Windows 10 to this primary billion of users and the next.”

Companies have been streaming apps remotely to iOS and Android for years, however the wish is that Project Reunion will ease the process by means of modernizing older apps rather than having to rewrite them for the web, iOS, or Android.

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