Microsoft Outlook is down worldwide

Microsoft’s Outlook on the web is getting a Gmail-like textual content prediction function

Microsoft’s Outlook service is down worldwide, affecting Outlook on the web,, and Outlook on desktop and mobile. The outage started at around 2AM ET, and Microsoft has confirmed it’s affecting users worldwide. Outlook users are currently unable to access their email, and is failing to load.

“We’re collecting additional data from the affected infrastructure to aid in our investigation to determine the cause of impact,” says a Microsoft support update. The outage appears to have been caused by a recent change on Microsoft’s end. “We’re reviewing recent changes to our service to further determine the cause of impact,” says Microsoft’s 365 status Twitter account.

This is the second major Microsoft services outage in less than a week. On Monday Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, Teams, and other services all experienced issues for hours. Unlike other companies like Cloudflare, Microsoft doesn’t fully detail the root cause of its outages so we might never know why its Outlook email service has experienced significant issues twice in a week.

Outlook services should start coming back to life soon, though, or at the very least be intermittent throughout different locations. “Our engineers are addressing an issue that affected some Microsoft 365 services,” explains a Microsoft spokesperson in a statement to The Verge. “Services are starting to improve as a result of the measures we have implemented,”

Update, October 1st 5:05AM ET: Updated with Microsoft statement.

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