May Nintendo Be Engaged On a Dual-Screen Transfer Hybrid? – ExtremeTech

May Nintendo Be Engaged On a Dual-Screen Transfer Hybrid? - ExtremeTech

The writing was once on the wall for the 3DS as soon because the Nintendo Switch proved one of these hit. Even As the smaller, cheaper console had a good run at 75.17 million gadgets offered, gross sales fell off a cliff as soon as the Transfer proved it had staying power and popularity. It’s been transparent for some time now that the Transfer was once the longer term of Nintendo’s efforts, which is what makes this latest rumor quite attention-grabbing.

According to Mike Heskin, a vulnerability researcher and reverse-engineering fanatic, the newest Switch firmware, 10.0.0, comprises some fascinating clues approximately future running modes, together with a new hardware model “nx-abcd.” the original Transfer was once codenamed “NX” and used the code “ABCB,” so a brand new style tracks this concept. the opposite fascinating tidbit is that there are also references to “a secondary show of varieties:”

Firmware 10.0.0 adds initial support for a brand new hardware type: “nx-abcd”.
3 of the 5 new DRAM profiles are for this new hardware type and there is proof of a secondary show of varieties being introduced exclusively in this model.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

— Mike Heskin (@hexkyz) April 14, 2020

Theories about what that 2d reveal may do include 3DS/DS emulation or a brand new streaming mode wherein content is streamed from the Switch to the television (think of this as a Wii U in opposite).
In conception, either of these is feasible. first of all, believe the 3DS. the original packed a dual-middle ARM11 CPU clocked at 268MHz, with a single-center ARM9 CPU at 134MHz. The ARM11 CPU middle is rated at 1.25 DMIPS/MHz, whilst the Cortex-A57 is rated at between 4.1 – 4.76 DMIPS/MHz. The New 3DS had a quad-center ARM11 CPU at 804MHz and the same ARM9 middle at 134MHz. Both variations use the same PICA TWO HUNDRED GPU core, at simply 268MHz.

The Transfer will need to have little hassle emulating the 3DS in both original or “new” flavors. the truth that the new 3DS has a miles quicker CPU but uses an identical GPU says something about just how limited the original hardware is, and the PICA200 is a 2005-technology embedded photos processor. The Maxwell-era GPU inside the Switch isn’t just quicker, it’s insultingly sooner. DS video games might also be no problem to fortify.

— Chicharostudios (@Chicharostudios) April 14, 2020

The query of the use of the Transfer as a type-of opposite Wii U could also be interesting, although it could require buffing an excessively other portion of the hardware. If the objective is for the Switch to wirelessly broadcast to the tv, we’d be wi-fi networking improvements and the will to handle greater power intake because of streaming in place of a 2nd screen being delivered to a brand new tool SKU. Frequently, I’d suppose this used to be unlikely as a result of wirelessly streaming from the Transfer could likely consume a great deal of energy, however it’s imaginable Nintendo wants to spend its greater energy budget on this function. if you happen to remember, the remaining Transfer refresh made only a few changes to the tool with the exception of considerably making improvements to its battery life.

The idea of a hybrid VR device has been floated by way of some, however turns out much less most probably with out a substantial hardware refresh and doesn’t necessarily fulfill the second one monitor idea. The VR concept present in the Transfer used the console’s personal hardware. The reference to a 2nd screen “of sorts” may well be a connection with VR functions, and the extra battery energy within the refreshed Transfer could make it imaginable, but Nintendo could nonetheless be splitting its hardware into families: Switch owners who may just play VR games, and turn homeowners who couldn’t. it might make extra feel to offer a model that supported emulation for consumers than to bet on a mid-cycle upload-on improve. Console upload-ons, historically, don’t promote smartly and Nintendo is definitely conscious about it.

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