Lego made a 2,600-piece replica of playing Mario on the NES

Lego made a 2,600-piece replica of playing Mario on the NES

Lego and Nintendo are teaming up for a new Lego set that assembles into a blocky model of Nintendo’s 8-bit gaming console, the Nintendo Entertainment System, along with an interactive TV displaying Super Mario Bros. The two companies collaborated earlier this year to create interactive Super Mario-themed sets.

Designed for adult builders, this new set contains 2,646 pieces that combine to create Nintendo’s first home console as well as an NES controller, a game cartridge that can fit into the console, and a miniature retro TV. The TV displays Mario traversing through a stage from the 1985 classic, and a crank located on the left side of the TV lets you move the mustached plumber up and down between platforms.

Image: Lego

Like the earlier Super Mario sets, the Nintendo Entertainment System kit will combine traditional building with digital technology. Placing the Bluetooth-enabled Mario figurine from the Adventures with Mario Starter Course set on top of the TV will produce sounds as if you were actually playing the original 1985 classic.

The Nintendo Entertainment System Lego set will launch on August 1st — the same day as the Super Mario Lego sets — for $300. The Super Mario kits incorporate different characters and obstacles for Mario to tackle, including an expansion that lets him square off against his arch-nemesis, Bowser.

Update July 14th, 8:20AM ET: Lego has now announced pricing for the NES set.

Update July 14th, 8:37AM ET: Lego changed the list price to $300. It initially listed the NES set as costing $200. We’ve reached out to confirm the set’s pricing.

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