Here’s what Hitman 3 will look like in virtual reality

IO Interactive released a trailer that shows off what the VR mode in Hitman 3 actually looks like. In short, it’s probably like what you imagined if you’ve played the recent games — which means it looks like a lot of fun. The hands-on look shows Agent 47 doing a lot of shooting and trap-setting, as well as an array of mundane tasks used to stay disguised during missions. There appear to be a few immersive moments created just for the virtual reality component, like tapping an enemy on the shoulder and quickly getting out of sight to fool them. And just like the base game, there seems to be a load of interactable objects, which should translate well to virtual reality.

One thing I’m curious about with this VR mode is its difficulty. Hitman is a notoriously tough game, especially if you want to complete every objective without alerting enemies. There are usually enemies coming at you from all angles, and there’s just a lot to pay attention to. Though, like all trailers, this one released today makes the VR mode seem even more like an action romp. Not being able to see Agent 47’s shiny, barcode-laden noggin makes it look like a proper James Bond game, which, ironically, is the studio’s next project.

As the developer promised when the mode was announced in 2020, every location from the recent Hitman titles will be playable in virtual reality via PlayStation VR. To be clear, you’ll need to already own Hitman and Hitman 2 to play those levels in VR, and Hitman 3 will offer a way to import those environments.

For now, this mode is coming only to the PS4 and PS5 versions of the game via a PlayStation VR headset. But since the game is releasing on PC, it’s possible that we’ll see this mode make its way at some point to other platforms, like Steam VR or Oculus. The base game will also release on January 20th for the systems mentioned above as well as Xbox One, Xbox Series S and X, Google Stadia. It’s also coming to the Nintendo Switch via cloud streaming tech.

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