Here’s how to preorder the $1,999.99 Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

Here’s how to preorder the $1,999.99 Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

You’ll be able to get your hands on the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 very soon. Samsung shared a lot more about its new foldable phone today, which you can read right here. Part of the reveal was that preorders open tomorrow, September 2nd, whether you’re looking for an unlocked model or hoping to upgrade with your carrier. And the phone will be available in less than two weeks’ time on Tuesday, September 18th.

Like the original Galaxy Fold, its successor is by no means affordable. It costs $1,999.99 unlocked, though you can break it down to comparatively smaller monthly payments if you buy it on a payment plan or pay each month through your carrier.

Samsung is making the decisions somewhat easy with the Z Fold 2. There’s only one configuration available with 256GB of storage built in. And if you want 5G service, the Z Fold 2 is compatible with ultra-wideband mmWave and lowband sub6GHz networks.

Just below, I’ll tell you all of the places you can preorder a Galaxy Z Fold 2, along with any preorder bonuses or incentives that might exist for your carrier.

How to buy an unlocked Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

One of the best, most reliable places to buy a Galaxy Z Fold 2 is from Samsung itself. You can head over to its site and preorder one for $1,999.99.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 (unlocked)

Preorders start Wednesday, September 2nd, and the phone will release on September 18th. Buy at Samsung

How to get the Galaxy Z Fold 2 through your carrier

At Verizon, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 will cost $83.33 per month for 24 months as part of its device payment plan. Verizon is offering up to $550 off the Galaxy Z Fold 2 when you add a line, purchase the phone, and trade in your old smartphone at once. If you switch to Verizon and buy the Z Fold 2 on a device payment plan, you can get a $150 gift card to the carrier’s store. Existing Verizon customers can get up to $250 off if they’re on a premium unlimited plan and trade in their old phone toward the Z Fold 2. At AT&T, the Z Fold 2 will be available for preorder tomorrow, and it will cost $66.67 per month for 30 months on its payment plan.

We will add more carrier pricing once it becomes available.

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