Google announces Pixel 4A 5G with larger 6.2-inch display for $499

Google announces Pixel 4A 5G with larger 6.2-inch display for $499

Google today announced the Pixel 4A with 5G, a variant of the budget phone it released back in August that supports 5G networks, during its “Launch Night In” fall hardware event. The device costs $499, a $150 jump over the standard 4A, but the 5G variant comes with a few notable hardware differences beyond its upgraded cellular modem. The phone is launching later this month in Japan, with more countries to follow in November.

The Pixel 4A 5G’s OLED screen is larger, for one, at 6.2 inches over the standard 4A’s 5.8-inch display. The device also carries a slightly faster processor, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G, compared with the standard 4A’s Snapdragon 730G. That’s the same inside the newly announced Pixel 5, which also supports 5G networks and costs $699.

The 5G variant of the 4A also has a 3.5mm headphone jack, something Google’s flagship phones now lack. For a full spec comparison breakdown between the three phones, check out Google’s chart here.

Introducing #Pixel4a5G!

6.2” OLED display. Ultrawide lens. A more powerful battery. And even a headphone jack. #LaunchNightIn

— It’s showtime (@madebygoogle) September 30, 2020

Like the Pixel 4A, this version doesn’t have the wireless charging or water resistance the Pixel 5 has, and its memory and storage stay the same at 6GB and 128GB respectively. But it does have a larger 3885mAh battery (the Pixel 4A has a 3140mAh battery while the Pixel 5 has a 4080mAh one), and a 16 megapixel ultrawide rear-facing lens.

Google did formally announce the Pixel 4A 5G when it launched the standard 4A and announced the Pixel 5, but there was still plenty of new info to leak in the following weeks, including images and key specs of the device. In addition to the larger display, early leaks hinted at the slightly faster processor and the dual-camera system, as well as some of those notable hardware compromises on RAM, water resistance, and other features.

Unfortunately, the Google Store’s product page for the Pixel 4A 5G only lists a “join the wait list” option without any concrete US launch date, while the Pixel 4A has been available since August and now ships by mid-October in the US. The Pixel 5 was announced with an October 15th launch date in nine countries (presumably the same nine the Pixel 4A 5G will launch in), but the Google Store now lists the US shipping window as early November.

During Google’s presentation, the company did post an image indicating the Pixel 4A 5G would launch in Japan starting October 15th with eight more countries to follow in November.

Image: Google


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