Fortnite gets a performance mode so it runs better on older PCs

It’s no mean feat that Fortnite manages to run as well as it does on just about any conceivable platform — from mobile to Switch to high-end gaming PC. Today, in a post on its blog, Epic Games announced a feature called performance mode, which will allow older PCs to run the game better. It’ll be available on December 15th.

The new mode “offers significant performance gains by trading out visual quality to lower memory usage and lighten the load on CPU and GPU,” the company writes, meaning the game will look less good so it doesn’t torch your hardware. (Users running Fortnite on older hardware will see a prompt about the mode when they boot up the game.) Epic also bundled in a feature that allows players to remove high-resolution textures from the game’s install, which should save a significant amount of hard drive space.

Epics claims users running the new mode will see a huge boost in frame rates on older machines, as compared to the previous low-performance settings. You’ll be able to use performance mode in both Battle Royale and Creative.

FPS gains in performance mode on representative hardware. Image: Epic Games

This is all to say it might finally be possible to run Fortnite in 720p at 60 frames per second, even on that old gaming laptop you still have lying around. Don’t get rid of it! That’s your backup Fortnite box now.

Fortnite running in 720p with high-res textures taken out. Image: Epic Games

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