Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis compiles the entire FFVII timeline into one mobile game

Square Enix announced two mobile games set in the Final Fantasy VII universe today. One is a battle royale game aiming for a 2021 release, and the other is Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis, a compilation of all the games and stories set in the Final Fantasy VII universe (Final Fantasy VII, Advent Children, Before Crisis, Crisis Core, and Dirge of Cerberus). The latter is slated to launch sometime in 2022 on Android and iOS.

According to a press release, Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is a chapter-structured single-player experience that covers the entire timeline in one of the most popular installments in Square Enix’s RPG franchise. The compilation will feature all the events from each game, in addition to new story elements focusing on the “origins of SOLIDER.”

Watching the announcement trailer, Ever Crisis reminds me of Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition, a 2018 title that served as an abridged version of the fifteenth main installment in the Final Fantasy series.

The description for the trailer on YouTube notes it is “another possibility for a remake,” and the visuals look greatly improved from the original version of Final Fantasy VII on the PlayStation, as pointed out by Twitter user Nibellion.

Quick comparison: Seventh Heaven PS1 vs Ever Crisis vs Remake

— Nibel (@Nibellion) February 25, 2021

The announcement comes following news that Final Fantasy VII Remake is getting a PS5 patch on June 10th, which will include improvements that take advantage of the next-gen hardware as well as a new episode focusing on the character Yuffie.


Final Fantasy VII Remake is getting a huge PS5 update with a new Yuffie episode

Final Fantasy VII is getting a prequel that’s also a mobile battle royale

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