Eero’s Wi-Fi 6 mesh router bundle is back down to its Black Friday price

Save $50 on Eero’s three-pack of mesh Wi-Fi routers and get a free Echo Dot

Black Friday 2020 saw many great deals, especially on Eero’s products. If you are looking to improve your Wi-Fi situation at home, Amazon and Best Buy have the Eero 6 mesh router three-pack (which includes one mesh router and two extenders) back down to its Black Friday price of $223, a nice drop from its usual cost of $279.

When planning your setup, keep in mind that while the Eero 6 mesh router includes two Ethernet ports, the two Eero 6 extenders that come in this bundle do not include any. Alternatively, you can buy two Eero 6 routers for $206 if you want to wire Ethernet to your routers across different areas in your home.

Eero 6 mesh router + two Eero 6 extenders

$223 $279 21% off

Prices taken at time of publishing.

The Eero 6 mesh router system covers up to 5,000 square feet and is good for internet speeds up to 500Mbps. It also supports Zigbee for connecting smart home devices.

$223 at Amazon $223 at Best Buy

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