DJI’s FPV racing drone looks mighty real in these leaked photos

For a brief moment last July, it seemed like drone maker DJI was going to dive straight into drone racing with a speedy FPV (first-person-view) drone of its own. In reality, it merely dipped a toe — but a little over a year later, it looks like the company is nearly ready to announce a racing drone after all.

You’re now looking at leaked images of what appears to be called the “DJI FPV,” and it certainly doesn’t look like any drone the company’s released before:

Looks like spaceship!
Someone who got evaluation didn’t keep their NDA.

— OsitaLV (@OsitaLV) December 2, 2020

Overlord, this is FPV 1, requesting take off.
FPV 1 you are cleared to take off, please proceed to helipad one.
Solid copy Overlord, FPV 1 taking off at helipad one.
FPV 1, you have the sky, have nice trip, over and out.
Copy that, FPV 1 out.

— OsitaLV (@OsitaLV) December 2, 2020

5.8GHz & 915MHz ready, I think this is it. Rumor says some resellers have got the evaluation model of FPV Drone, with remote-adjustable FPV camera.

— OsitaLV (@OsitaLV) November 19, 2020

Without any hard specs or even the barest idea of price, it’s tough to judge what we’re looking at, but the three-blade propellers, sizable hump, and minimalist controller are all a departure from the company’s many previous drones.

That makes sense, since FPV racing and filming focuses on speed over all else. You’ll generally tilt your entire drone far beyond the angle you’d tilt a traditional filmmaking drone to maximize your forward momentum — and when you do, you need a camera that primarily tilts up, not down. And if you’re going to be wearing an FPV headset all the time (it appears to come with the DJI FPV Goggles), you don’t really need a holder for your phone.

These leaks all come by way of OsitaLV on Twitter (via DroneDJ), who has a reputation for finding out DJI’s news before it’s official. Most recently, OsitaLV shared images and details of the DJI Pocket 2 four days before it was announced. They also recently shared an image of a possible Mavic Pro 3.

Early last month, DJI’s Brendan Schulman teased that the company might still have another product announcement this year:

DJI released six new products in the past three weeks. Surely, everyone feels we must be done for the year.

— Brendan Schulman (@dronelaws) November 5, 2020

Perhaps this is it?

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