Cloud Kitchen Business Model

To put it most simply, a cloud kitchen, ghost kitchen or virtual kitchen is known as an online food production and delivery service. Cloud kitchen has been in our lives for over ten years and as a solution to increase property rents.

One of the main growth reasons for marketing is the rapid increase in smartphone users. There is a cashless economy facilitated by internet penetration and digital payments.

Supply chain and logistics cost will be the main constraint. This includes all fees paid to fulfillment, delivery, and business resources. Traditional restaurants will lose most of their profits if they do not update their logistics systems to ensure on-time delivery. Cloud kitchens will be the solution for this industry.

What Exactly Is Cloud Kitchen?
A food and beverage outlet covers the following three areas. Management, Kitchen, and Front of the House. Cloud kitchens will bring this area to the point that it will cover the management and kitchen areas.

In the cloud kitchen system, you usually order almost with your own online ordering system or by ordering a third application and your kitchen prepares the meals. After the meal is prepared, it will be delivered to hungry customers by your own courier staff or a third courier. If you are using a third-party delivery service system, you can integrate many technology services into your system.

Why Cloud Kitchens Are Trending?
The pandemic has outstripped many industries in recent years, and the food and beverage industry is no exception. Cloud kitchen continues its services in the food and beverage industry for the following reasons.

Reduced seating for restaurant diners: New social norms are pushing the masses to be more virtually active and less socially-physically engaged. Despite social distance, restaurant patrons can be exposed to ventilation-assisted airflow that keeps viruses in the air.

Minimize Bad Service – We are sure that you are disappointed that your favorite meal at your favorite restaurant is spoiled by bad service. Cloud kitchen limits interaction and allows food to speak for itself.

Your marketing is better handled: Applications for food aggregators often get a large percentage of your sales in exchange for a marketing platform, logistics, and above all, a pool of customers. This situation; It allows you to focus more on food quality, product package design, and other product related promotions.

Grubtech, a cloud kitchen management platform has a service which are Zomato, Deliveroo, Careem Now, and Talabat integrated. For more information about cloud kitchen business model, you should visit GrubTech’s website.

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