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Somehow our family became auto racing junkies. Watching F1 became a bonding experience, following a relative of ours who drives in IndyCar became a hobby, and the action of NASCAR wormed its way into our hearts. Even Formula E has grown on us. So when we were first encouraged to stay-at-home as much as possible we looked forward to watching racing as a way to break the monotony. At the time, it looked like racing might continue, minus local fans. Except, of course, since then, actual auto racing has come

Two days ago, we covered news from AMD that the company had suffered an IP breach. We now know more about what was taken from the company and how serious the theft is — or more appropriately, isn’t. At first glance, the news looks bad. The data in question is supposedly for Big Navi and Arden, the codename for the Xbox Series X GPU. Given how important both of these products are to AMD’s future, theft of their underlying core technology would be quite damaging. WCCFTech has published a story

It’s been a long time since Valve took us to the world of Half-Life, but the wait may have been worth it. The newly released Half-Life: Alyx is being called a true virtual reality masterpiece. It’s actually driving many people to pick up virtual reality headsets for the first time, but the VR landscape can be confusing for new players. Here are your options. First, Check Your PC Specs Desktop VR games generally require substantial computing power, but Half-Life: Alyx is even more demanding than other titles. Valve says you’ll

Once upon a time, Microsoft promised a truly impressive 4K overhaul for Minecraft and then canceled it. Shortly thereafter, Nvidia announced that it would create an RTX-powered version of Minecraft, delivering ray-traced visuals to Nvidia owners who own the Windows 10 version of the game and want to play it in this mode. Nvidia has just published some updated visuals for the game, along with asset packs intended to be used by modders and content creators to hit the ground running. First, let’s look at some maps created by community

Sony’s Mark Cerny, lead system architect of the PlayStation 5, has shared more details on the new console and some aspects of its subsystem behavior. Some of the new details confirm our speculation from March, while others shed light on previously unexplored aspects of the platform. Eurogamer has a new comprehensive writeup of the details. There are three main topics we’ll discuss today: Details on how the PS5’s boost mode works, a bit of information on the SSD that confirms our previous speculation, and a lot of information on the

NASA’s InSight lander is part of NASA’s budget-minded Discovery program, but it’s accomplishing a surprising number of “firsts” on Mars in spite of the smaller budget. It was the first mission to take seismic readings on another planet and the first to record the sound of Martian winds. Now, it’s got a shot at being the first to study the internal temperature of Mars — NASA’s plan to nudge the lander’s subsurface probe with the robot arm appears to be working.  InSight landed at Elysium Planitia on Mars back in

NASA is still aiming to get the Perseverance rover on its way to Mars this summer in spite of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, but the Curiosity rover is still setting records and doing science on the red planet even if it has to wait longer for some company. Curiosity recently took a new Mars selfie immediately before climbing its steepest slope yet. NASA has also shared a video detailing how the rover takes all those impressive selfies.  Curiosity landed on Mars in Gale Crater back in 2012. For the first

Scientists around the world have been speculating on dark matter for decades, but we still don’t know what the mysterious substance is. It doesn’t look like that’s changing any time soon, either. A new study from University of Michigan, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and the University of California Berkeley evaluated a popular dark matter hypothesis. The team found no evidence that so-called sterile neutrinos are the key to understanding dark matter.  Dark matter is a tricky and sometimes frustrating topic in the physics community. We know dark matter exists and

Things on Earth are getting a bit treacherous with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but SpaceX is still working on its plans for outer space. The company just completed its latest Starlink satellite deployment, bringing it tantalizingly close to flipping the switch for consumer connectivity. However, CEO Elon Musk confirms the Falcon 9 rocket failed to land on the company’s drone ship thanks to a malfunctioning engine.  The fog cleared just in time for the Falcon 9 to launch this morning from Launch Pad 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, taking

SpaceX has dealt with its fair share of setbacks as it works toward crewed NASA flight certification. One of the company’s Dragon 2 spacecraft exploded during testing last year, but SpaceX managed to address that potential flaw surprisingly quickly. Now, the company’s launch timeline could be undone by a seemingly minor failure during an otherwise successful mission. NASA and SpaceX are currently examining the loss of an engine during the March 18th Starlink satellite launch, and the outcome could delay the first crewed launch yet again.  The March 18th Falcon

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