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NBCUniversal’s Peacock streaming service has hit almost 22 million users just over three months after its launch, Comcast announced today as part of its Q3 2020 earnings release. The company didn’t say how many of those signups were for its free, ad-supported plan versus its more premium paid tiers, however. Comcast also boasted that Peacock is “exceeding our expectations on all engagement metrics,” although it neglected to give more details on that front. Unsurprisingly, the company also saw big success in its broadband internet business over the last quarter, adding

Facebook supports rewriting Section 230, and it’s starting to lay out the changes it wants. That’s the big takeaway from a nearly four-hour grilling of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai, and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. The point was quickly lost in a pre-election political scuffle — but in the coming months, it’ll be one of the most important things to watch. Yesterday, the Senate Commerce Committee held a hearing about Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, a foundational internet law. The event was supposed to examine

Uber can continue to send messages in its app to drivers about a California ballot measure that would exempt gig economy companies from having to classify workers as employees, a judge ruled late Wednesday. A California state superior court judge rejected the drivers’ request for a temporary restraining order blocking the messages, which drivers claim is “pressuring” them to support the ballot measure, Prop 22. In his ruling, Judge Richard Ulmer called the drivers’ request for injunctive relief “belated,” noting that Uber’s campaign started in August. He also noted that

Microsoft is rolling out a new update to the Xbox Game Bar on Windows 10 this week, and it now lets you track what apps are taking up precious RAM, CPU, GPU, and disk resources. While there are a number of overlays and apps that can do this already on PCs, Microsoft’s Xbox Game Bar is built into Windows 10, and it’s fairly flexible and lightweight as a result. The new resources widget keeps track of the top tasks and their associated impacts, rating them low, medium, or high. You

Eve’s smart light strip can now adjust its colors automatically throughout the course of the day thanks to iOS 14’s new Adaptive Lighting feature, the company announced. The light strip is the first product to support the new Apple HomeKit feature, according to Eve, but first requires a firmware update that owners can perform via the Eve app. Adaptive Lighting is a new HomeKit feature introduced this year which allows compatible smart bulbs to adapt their colors to the time of day, showing warmer hues in the morning and evenings,

Spotify now has 320 million monthly active users and 144 million paid subscribers, an increase of 29 and 27 percent respectively year-over-year, the company announced in its latest earnings release. User growth was driven by marketing campaigns in India, as well as the service’s launch in Russia and 12 surrounding markets. The company called Russia its “most successful new market launch to date.” The service’s user and subscriber growth puts it comfortably ahead of rivals services from Amazon and Apple. As of January this year, Amazon Music said it had

SteelSeries’ new Aerox gaming mouse lineup marks a few firsts for the company. It claims both its $60 Aerox 3 wired mouse and the $100 wireless version that will be available on November 10th are the first gaming mice to receive an IP54 rating, giving them a fighting chance against water and dust. They’re also the company’s first mice to adopt the ever-popular honeycomb shell design, popularized by more niche peripheral makers like Finalmouse and Glorious PC Gaming Race, to name a couple of examples. And with that see-through design,

Microsoft is overhauling Excel with the ability to support custom live data types. Excel users have been using Microsoft’s spreadsheet tool for decades to import, organize, and analyze data, but the basic data types have always been limited to text and numbers. While Microsoft has added dynamic arrays and some custom stocks and geography data types previously, the company is now updating Excel to let people import their own data as a custom data type. This means you’ll be able to manipulate data in Excel in new ways and hopefully

Julian Jagtenberg’s first experience on QVC was incredible. In minutes, he sold nearly 60 units of his $600 Somnox sleep robot, an unprecedented sales experience for him. “Within the minute there was like [a] beep beep, we’re out of stock,” he says. “And the salesperson [said], ‘Okay, well hold up, you can’t order anymore, there’s no stock.’ And I was like, ‘Wait, is this a dream? Can someone pinch me, like wake me up? Is this real?’” Naturally, he doubled-down on QVC the next time he went live. Instead of

Bang & Olufsen’s latest portable Bluetooth speaker is the Beolit 20, a lunchbox-sized successor to 2017’s Beolit 17. The big upgrade this time around is a new Qi wireless charging pad that can be found on top of the speaker, which can charge other devices like phones or earbuds. According to Bang & Olufsen, the Beolit 20 can also play for 30 percent longer than its predecessor. The company says the speaker’s 3,200mAh battery offers 37 hours of listening at low volumes, but this reduces to a little over 8

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