Best Buy will have the PS5 and Xbox Series X / S available online on December 15th

It’s been over a month since the PS5 and Xbox Series X / S were released, and if you have been trying to purchase one of the new consoles, it’s been quite challenging. Fortunately, Best Buy announced today that it would have both next-gen consoles available for purchase on December 15th.

In a blog post today, Best Buy confirmed that the PS5 and Xbox Series X / S would be restocked tomorrow. The retailer announced that stock would be available “sometime after 8AM Central Time.” While a firm time has yet to be announced, Best Buy has product listings up for the next-gen consoles, including several bundles that include additional items like extra controllers or games.

Best Buy will sell the consoles exclusively online, as the retailer announced in November that they won’t be sold in stores until 2021. But if you manage to secure either a PS5 or Xbox Series X / S tomorrow, you can order online for in-store pickup.

Xbox Series X / S


Prices taken at time of publishing.

The Xbox Series X is Microsoft’s flagship console, serving as its most powerful (and biggest) option that costs $499.99. While the $299.99 Series S is aimed at smooth 1440p performance, the Series X is focused on fast 4K gameplay.

$300 at Best Buy (Series S) $500 at Best Buy (Series X)

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