Apple will no longer make you return your whole Apple Watch if the Solo Loop doesn’t fit

Apple will no longer make you return your whole Apple Watch if the Solo Loop doesn’t fit

Apple announced a new Solo Loop band with no clasps or buckles last week, but some customers found that if the watch band they ordered didn’t fit, Apple would ask them to return the entire Apple Watch. At the time, that felt like a confusing request — Apple Watch bands are designed to be interchangeable, so, in theory, it should be easy to return one watch band for another without too much hassle.

But Apple confirms to The Verge that it has changed that policy, and you’ll be able to swap your band without handing Apple the rest of the Watch, both online and in physical stores. Apple’s also updated its sizing guide online to be clearer about how to measure your wrist:

Apple updated its Solo Loop size guide today. No changes to the actual numbers, but more detailed instructions and illustrations were added to help you size correctly:

— Michael Steeber (@MichaelSteeber) September 23, 2020

Some people have already found that that they are able to swap out poorly fitting bands without returning their Apple Watch, according to MacRumors. Here’s one return experience from Eli Hodapp, an exec for the game subscription service GameClub:

They’re also throwing in a free Sport Band, and profusely apologizing. The agent kept saying, “We messed up, it’s on us,” and said if I don’t get a return label just keep the original braided band that came with my watch-What a complete turnaround compared to the response Monday.

— Eli Hodapp (@hodapp) September 24, 2020

If you’ve got a Solo Loop band that doesn’t fit, you might want to chat with Apple Support; it sounds like they can help you out.


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