Apple Podcasts now competes with Spotify for web embeds

Apple will now let anyone embed podcasts from Apple Podcasts on the web. This means that you might see more of Apple Podcasts online, and Apple is setting itself up to compete with other podcast players for coveted embed recognition.

Anyone can embed a podcast from Apple Podcasts. To do so, find your desired podcasts on the Apple Podcasts web landing page and then click the episode you want to embed. From there, click the upload icon on the right-hand side and select the code icon. You’ll then have the embed code saved, which can paste wherever you want the podcast to appear.

Here’s what it looks like for The Verge’s newest show, Decoder with Nilay Patel.

While this feature might not outwardly seem like a massive change, it could give Apple more public visibility. Becoming the default embedded player on websites is a decent get for players and one that could help Apple stay ahead of Spotify in terms of gaining listeners on its platform. The more people stream from Apple and the less they have to think about where to stream, the better it is for Apple.

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