Apple iOS app updates are being re-issued for unknown purposes

Spotify, TikTok, and other standard iOS apps are crashing as a result of a Facebook issue

in case your iPhone or iPad has dozens of apps needing surprising updates, don’t worry: you’re now not by myself. For some reason why, Apple seems to be reissuing not too long ago-printed app updates, resulting in users having to reinstall the most recent version of a few apps.

a few of the Verge team, the selection of surprising updates ranged from less than twenty to just about ONE HUNDRED, with updates relationship again to the beginning of the month resurfacing from the depths of the App Retailer. Your experience will range, in fact, depending on how many apps you’ve gotten and have often you update them.

Precisely why these updates are being reissued isn’t clear, however, as MacRumors notes, it would have something to do with a bug that seems to be affecting apps as of iOS 13.5. This computer virus bug supposed some apps was inaccessible, with an mistakes message informing users: “This app is no longer shared with you.” the fast restore to get the app operating once more without dropping its settings and data is to offload the app via Settings > Normal > iPhone Storage, and then reinstall it. We don’t recognize what’s causing this particular “not shared with you” mistakes both, however the wording indicates some type of authentication or certification factor.

It’s possible that the reissuing of app updates is supposed to mend this computer virus, but that’s just a conception. whatever the downside is, it doesn’t seem to be breaking any app functionality. Just replace and transfer on, an even motto for all times generally.

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